Seizure Detection and Alarms

Session 2 Key Takeaways from webinar series on Safety Devices for Epilepsy.

We are delighted to share the key takeaways from the second session of the webinar series on Safety Devices for Epilepsy. Download the key takeaways or watch the webinar again on YouTube if you missed it.

Seizure detection devices are especially helpful for those with nighttime convulsive seizures and should be considered to aid in seizure identification to alert caregivers who can provide seizure first aid.

  • It is important to determine if the seizures you want to be alerted to will be picked up by the device. Unfortunately, many seizure types are not detectable with the current products on the market.
  • Do your research. Look into devices and ask other families what their experience has been. There are many grants available for these devices and EFEPA can help you to locate them.
  • Talk with your neurologist about what seizure type you have and if they think a device would alert for your seizure type.
  • Implantable devices are for those with Drug Resistant Epilepsy(DRE)

Download the printable resource.

Click HERE to access the webinar recording.

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