of your SEIZURES.

1 in 3 epilepsy patients cannot control their epilepsy with medications, BUT options exist that could help you.


Christopher Skidmore, MD

Neurologist, Epileptologist
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

The treatment of epilepsy continues to change and we want to make sure you are aware of the latest treatment options to

control your seizures.

This website was developed to ensure that individuals living with epilepsy have the most up to date information regarding the treatment of intractable seizures.

We believe that knowledge is power and want to empower you to ask the right questions and seek right doctors.

Epilepsia No Controlada

Uncontrolled Epilepsy

Epilepsy can be treated successfully with antiepileptic medications, but not all people with epilepsy respond favorably to these medications.


Specialized Care

When a person with uncontrolled seizures doesn’t respond to the appropriate medications and has progressed to drug-resistant epilepsy, it is pertinent to be evaluated by a clinician trained in epilepsy, known as an epileptologist.

Specialized Care
Treatment Options

Treatment Options

You are the leader in the daily care of your condition. Therefore, you and the healthcare team will work together in the management of your drug-resistant epilepsy.


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