Invasive or Resective Surgeries

Invasive or resective surgeries are performed when assessments consistently reveal specific area or areas of the brain where the seizures start. The objective is to remove or disconnect areas of the brain to disrupt the seizures.

A quick review of the anatomy of the brain will help us better understand epilepsy surgeries. +Learn More.



Lobectomy is a type of surgery to remove a lobe of the brain.



Hemispherectomy is performed when one side of the brain is not working well causing severe seizures affecting other areas of the brain and their brain functions.

corpus callosotomy

Corpus callosotomy

The goal of a Corpus Callosotomy is to separate the two hemispheres by cutting the corpus callosum, thus making the seizures difficult to spread between the hemispheres.

Your doctors will determine if an invasive or resective surgery is right for you. Make sure to discuss and plan follow-up care with your team of specialists.

invasive resective
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