What Doctors Don’t Discuss With You and Why

Key Takeaways from webinar on What Doctors Don’t Discuss with You and Why recorded on March 16, 2023.

When living with epilepsy, finding resources is key…
A social worker can help, and the cost is most likely free!

  • If you have non-medical questions that cannot be addressed during a medical appointment, ask to speak with a social worker.
  • A lot of social workers do not charge for their services unless they provide counseling, in which case they may accept insurance.
  • Some needs a social worker can address include: medication discounts, seizure first aid training, counseling, education on how to maintain independence, legal rights, advocacy options, support group options, seizure alert devices, etc.
  • If the clinic you attend does not have a social worker, ask your provider for a referral, or contact a local nonprofit such as the Epilepsy Foundation.

Read and download the printable resource.

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This webinar was brought to you by a collaboration between the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado & Wyoming, the Epilepsy Foundation of Los Angeles, the EFEPA, the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota, ItsYourEpilepsy.com, Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Alliance, and the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation.

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