Living an Active Life: Maximizing Community Access & Participation

Session 3 Key Takeaways from webinar series on Safety Devices for Epilepsy.

We are delighted to share the key takeaways from the third session of the webinar series on Safety Devices for Epilepsy. Download the key takeaways or watch the webinar again on YouTube if you missed it.

Community participation and access is a major area of concern for the epilepsy community. A combination of personal and community level education can contribute to significant improvements in quality of life through increased engagement.

  • Community-level advocacy should include efforts to improve epilepsy awareness and concrete ways to improve resource accessibility.
  • General safety considerations include emergency preparedness on the part of the individual, caregiver and community partners and equipment availability and training to improve safe access to public spaces.
  • Water safety is a major area of concern for engaging in community activities. Flotation devices combined with environmental safety and staff training can maximize safe participation.
  • Park and playground access is improved through a combined awareness of the physical environment and the personal preparedness for emergencies.
  • Whether you are attempting to travel by air or ground, planning is key. Know the systems in place and the resources available for the travel process as well as the destination.

Download the printable resource.

Click HERE to access the webinar recording.

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