What’s Shakin?! Podcast

What’s Shakin?!, is a podcast that gives an honest look into what is life with Epilepsy.
The Podcast hosts, Bree and Grace are two incredible epilepsy advocates, who came up with the idea of speaking about epilepsy without retrains and who are committed to providing knowledge and insight about living with epilepsy.

They are back with another great episode to introduce ItsYourEpilepsy.com to the epilepsy community.
With guest host Allie Cochran and guest speaker Dr. Fernando Cubillos, they bring
an exciting podcast that speaks about all the important resources and education materials
pertaining to uncontrolled epilepsy that is available on the website.

Tune in to listen at: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/its-your-epilepsy/id1531732056?i=1000566907343

You can find this podcast at What’s Shakin’?!, Spotify, and Apple Podcast.

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